Cysteine Complex Treatment


Cysteine Complex works in synergy with hair's existing proteins to restructure,soften, and release curls from hair. It penetrates inside the hair shaft delivering important conditioning andmoisturizing benefits, which improves the overall strength of the hair, making itsoft and shiny and restoring hair to its healthy state.

Cysteine has many antioxidant properties and when bonded to the hair shaft itpromotes increased stability and strength of the hair.It contains no artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals which would affect thehealth of the hairdressers or their clients.


  • Contains only the finest botanical ingredients and pure proteins. No artificialingredients or harmful ingredients used that affect the health
  • Reduces frizz in the hair, giving a natural smooth look to the hair with brilliantshine and softness
  • Works excellent on hair damaged by chemical treatments, frequent use of hotstyling tools and overexposure to sun
  • Makes hair more manageable by providing intense conditioning andmoisturizing and improving the overall quality and texture of hair
  • This treatment starts to gradually fade away from the hair over time and no lineof demarcation is seen as new hair grows out


    Restructures, softens and releases curls from the hair, and improves the overallhealth of the hair
    Absorbs and eradicates free radicals that can be harmful to the hair
    Adds strength to the hair cuticle by replenishing lost proteins in the hair
    Powerful antioxidant which protects the hair while deeply moisturizing it
    Smoothens and softens dry hair by locking moisture in the hair


Why is Cysteine Complex the best choice?
It offers a natural way to restore and transform hair. Often times stylists use toomuch of those harsh chemical treatments which results in harmful smoke andfumes that can disrupt the atmosphere of any salon and cause harm to clients.Cysteine Complex uses all-natural ingredients, so absolutely no harm comesfrom performing a service.

Is Cysteine Complex a Keratin Treatment or a Relaxer?
Cysteine Complex is a non-formaldehyde Keratin Treatment that reduces 70%curl volume on Caucasian hair and 50-60% curl volume on ethnic hair.

Can the Cysteine Complex be placed over relaxers?
Yes, the Cysteine can be applied over any relaxer. When applying CysteineComplex over any other Keratin Treatment make sure that it has been at least 2months from the application of previous treatment.

Should Cysteine Complex be applied before or after a color service?
We recommend that Cysteine Complex be done after a color service.

Can Cysteine Complex be used on children?
We recommend using Cysteine Complex on children 12 and over.

Can Cysteine Complex be used on pregnant women?
Though we have not experienced any problems, we recommend they consultwith their doctor.

What shampoo is best to use after the service of Cysteine Complex Treatment?
We strongly recommend using any of the De Fabulous SULFATE FREEshampoos because sulfates can strip away the treatment.

How long will Cysteine Complex last in the hair?
Aftercare and maintenance is essential to the life of the treatment.Recommending Reviver Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner along withKerAçaí will help extend the life of Cysteine Complex and protect theirinvestment. Cysteine Complex lasts an average of 3-4 months.

Can I swim in the pool or in the ocean?
Not for the first 2 days to let the product settle into the hair. Using the KerAçaíbefore you swim and while you tan in the sun will help protect the Cysteine fromfading. KerAçaí will also reconstruct the hair by protecting it from free radicalsand the sun's harmful rays.

On the next scheduled visit, should a client just get a touch up?
On a client's next visit, Cysteine Complex should be applied to the whole head asthe product does not grow out of the hair but gradually fades out

What styling products can I use to blow dry my hair once I do the treatment?
We recommend using the KerAçaí as a base product before applying any other styling product on the hair. Anytime you use KerAçaí it deposits a fine layer ofkeratin to the hair, protecting and nourishing each hair strand and prolonging thelife of your Cysteine Treatment.


  • The Cysteine Complex Treatment is not a permanent straightening or rebonding product. It improves the texture of the hair and eliminates frizz from it, while adding strength and shine to the hair and giving the hair a smoothened look. The treatment gradually fades away from the hair lasting for 12 to 15 weeks.
  • The use of a Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner is mandatory after the Cysteine Complex Treatment is performed, as sulfates tend to strip thetreatment from the hair much quicker.
  • Shampooing the hair daily, could cause the treatment to fade quickly andhence it is recommended to shampoo the hair only thrice a week.
  • The use of Henna or Metallic Dyes before or after the Cysteine ComplexTreatment is not recommended
  • Any chemical service such as highlighting, coloring or rebonding is recommended prior to the service. Doing a chemical service after doing the Cysteine Complex Treatment may cause the treatment to strip out of the hair
  • Oiling the hair would create a build up in the hair and hence it is advised to restrict from frequently oiling the hair
  • Swimming is not recommended after the Cysteine Complex Treatment isperformed as the chlorine in the water would cause the treatment to fade awayfaster. If one decides to go swimming, then it would be advisable to apply KerAcaito protect the treated hair.